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Check out the exhibitors for the show before you arrive! Check back often as booths are purchased.

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Arcade Components

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Your source for old and rare components for arcade games, old school computers, and old school game consoles!



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The RetroStack project is dedicated to exploring and preserving the legacy of older computer systems. This involves reimplementing these systems and making them available for free. I will be exhibiting the replica systems and parts I’ve created for the TRS-80 Model 1.

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Joel @ AByteBehind

Silver Sponsor is home to everything I do classic computing wise. “A personal place for vintage and classic computing.”


Exhibit 1: TRS-80 Network 3 and Network 2 with software, games, educational titles, binders, examples and more. Users can dive into the early innovation of networking with the TRS-80's Network 3 system, a groundbreaking tool for large classrooms that harnessed the RS232 protocol to seamlessly share resources and programs across multiple TRS-80 Model 3 and 4s. Tailored for educators and students, this system transformed the TRS-80, offering capabilities mirroring a stand-alone, disk-equipped Model III setup. Users can explore features in person like the Network 3 Operating Software, 15MB Hard Disk System, and more. The network 3 consists of four (4) TRS-80 models 3, 4, 4D and 4P connected via RS232 network sharing a hard disk and software from the host. More info can be found here: Will be showcasing all educational recovered titles, all machines are restored and working, and functions as a game arcade.


Exhibit 2: Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000 HD with software, extras including the rare Infocom titles (Planetfall, Witness, etc.), unrecovered software from Digital Research and Microsoft, including development titles of Mahjong, Taipei, Solitaire among others. Users can dive into the world of vintage computing with the Tandy 2000HD—a pioneering marvel of its era. This retro gem is loaded with features and upgrades from Tandy and its 3rd party groups and includes demonstrations and other software for the system. It’s built with a hard disk controller, DSQD diskette storage, and an array of features including a BUS mouse and clock/calendar card. Curious about what set the Tandy 2000HD apart? Discover its unique hardware and place in history! The system has been completely restored and includes uncommon upgrades like the ROM updates, memory expansions, 8087, external hard disk, and much more. Of course, there’s more info on the site:

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Silver Sponsor is a home for memories of Tandy Corporation, Radio Shack, other related companies, and... the people.


ABQ Retro Computers

Albuquerque's premier vintage computing club!

  • ABQ Retro Computers - Meetup Web Link


Various computers and handheld devices from the early 1980s to the 2000s. Manufacturers include Apple, Atari, Commodore, Dell, Franklin, IBM, Palm, and others.

Commander X16 Mania

All things Commander X16 related. See case styles, capabilities, see the Otter16, and X16 peripherals.

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The booth will include a selection of vintage Apple computers (two 128ks, 1993 PowerBook) and a station for taking selfies with an Apple QuickTake camera and printing them on a vintage Apple printer. I hope to also have a replica of a 1981 Roland analog / digital bass synthesizer to play.

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Forgotten Machines

The rare, the obscure, the unknown, all about computers that truly are...Forgotten Machines! We investigate, reverse-engineer, and restore computers and systems that almost nobody else knows about. We also do data-recovery on the oldest of magnetic media to preserve old operating systems and software!

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Ever wonder about the equipment that you would see in a Cable TV Headend? We demonstrate the local forecast computers from The Weather Channel and the computer behind the Prevue Guide.

BASIC... past, present and future!

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Hard-N-Retro is my Ko-Fi page where I am the restorer of vintage computers and purveyor of retro electronics. I am currently focused on early Apple computers and will be showing off a number of rare(r) models

  • Hard-N-Retro Ko-Fi Link

IBM PC Exhibit

Display of IBM equipment from the 5150 to the 486 era. Mostly a combination of the XTs, ATs, and Personal System/2 computers, along with a few other odds and ends!

Lost Wonders

All types of computer and computer game items from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Something for everyone!

MSX and Other 8-bit Computers and accessories

Two Panasonic MSX2 and one Sony MSX computers with carts, joypads, etc. With luck there will be Atari 1200XL, Atari 800, Commodore 64 for sale as well. Also some 90s PC parts, drives, etc.

NeXTSTEP: The Original MacOSX

Working NeXT cube and Color Turbo Slab machines, original NeXT docs, books and ads/reviews. History of NeXT Computer, Inc.

Old World Computing Presents - It Comes in Colors!

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T he said, "You can have it in any color as long as it's black." The computer industry through the 90s was the same, you can have it in any color as long as it’s beige or sometimes black. Apple bucked the trend in 1998 introducing the iMac with its translucent Bondi blue case and in total released the iMac in 13 unique colors (18 if you count the two variations of the “5 Flavors” models.)

This booth will showcase all 18 colors and variations of the iMac. Some on display and a few to interact with.

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OS-9 and the Foenix F256 Jr.

The Foenix F256 Jr. is a new retro computing platform for 6502 and 6809 enthusiasts. This exhibit features the F256 Jr. running OS-9 on the 6809.

Panhandle Surplus


Panhandle Surplus LLC specializes in the sale of hard-to-find technology, test equipment, electronics and more. We also enjoy collecting and restoring vintage personal computers.

  • Panhandle Surplus Website
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Sad Mac

Vintage Macintosh computer/parts and other retro computers with some vintage gaming intertwined.

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The SCELBI-8B and SCELBI Computer Consulting

Come learn about one of the early pioneers in home computing, SCELBI Computer Consulting! On display is a reproduction of their final Intel 8008 based computer, the SCELBI-8B.

Shawn Clayton

Display of (hopefully) completed projects, some of which I have shown on Youtube. Including the TRS-80 Model II that came from the 2023 VCF.

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SneakyNet Telecommunications

Ever wondered how America got Online? Wondered what's at the other end of your modem or why tech support needs you to reboot things? The fine folks at SneakyNet are happy to show you how our live network serves real and fake endpoints around the show.

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Tandy Assembly

These booths are to introduce people to the Tandy Assembly events.  There will be pictures and descriptions of previous Tandy Assembly shows.

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Tektronix 4054A - Vector Graphics Desktop Computer

Introduced in 1979 with an integrated 19-inch storage tube CRT and 4096x3125 vector graphics resolution, 16-bit bit-slice CPU, 64KB ROM BASIC and 64KB RAM, Option 31 Dynamic Graphics Coprocessor and Option 30 Color Dynamic Graphics CRT! I will be demonstrating GAMES like Asteroids, Star Wars "Tie Fighter Attack", Battlestar Galactica "Cylon Attack", Vector and Bitmap PICTURES, and MUSIC

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Vintage Computer History

A look into the development of the "appliance computer" throughout the 1970s. Learn about some systems you may not have heard of, and how computers went from $100,000 to under $1,000 in the span of a decade.

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