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Check out the exhibitors for the show before you arrive! Check back often as booths are purchased.

Arcade Components

Platinum Sponsor

Your source for old and rare components for arcade games, old school computers, and old school game consoles!


Nybbles and Bytes


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Come take a look at a selection of Japanese computers evolving from Japan's first pre-assembled machine, all the way up to a modern '90s arcade-quality gaming powerhouse in the FM TOWNS. Check out STREK running on an IBM AS/400, and have a blast playing Nybbles: Legend of the Drunken Snake on June's 128, and even buy a copy to take home!

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International Stuff with Shane & Stephen

Gold Sponsor

Stephen's Soviet Elektronika DVK-3 and Japanese NEC PC-88 along with Shane's Archimedes 3010, MC0511 running rt-11,  mc1502, bk, BBC with pitubedirect, peacom and a microbee

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At Obtainium Retro, there's something truly special about bringing old machines back to life and experiencing the charm of computing history all over again. Our deep love for preserving vintage technology has led us to gather a selection of well-crafted products tailored for retro computers. We take joy in helping you bring your ideas to reality. If there's a project you're working on and could use a hand, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here for it.

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Gold Sponsor

The RetroStack project is dedicated to exploring and preserving the legacy of older computer systems. This involves reimplementing these systems and making them available for free. I will be exhibiting the replica systems and parts I’ve created for the TRS-80 Model 1.

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Jay Crutti Project Collection

Silver Sponsor

Jay shows off rare machines like the NABU PC with custom modifications. Also on display will be customized Tandy products, and Tandy-like projects that never existed. There will also be giveaways of free parts for projects, like keyboard PCBs.

Joel @ AByteBehind

Silver Sponsor

3 Exhibits, featuring the Tandy 2000HD, The TRS-80 Network 3, and the TRS-80 Model II. All exhibits are running and hands on, with plenty of games and software to explore. Come try out the early implementation of networking in the classroom with the TRs-80s Model III and 4 or check out the computer the team chose for developing the first version of Windows, the Tandy 2000HD or try your hand at one of 12 original Adventure Games from Scott Adam’s. Come see the computers of Tandy RadioShack! 

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Silver Sponsor will display a wide variety of computers from their collection, including rare systems from the U.S. and abroad. 


There will be special, never-before-seen exhibits & prototypes, as well as a collection of memorabilia from Radio Shack and Tandy Corporation.

8-bit guy.jpg

The 8-Bit Guy

Meet The 8-Bit Guy. Pick up a copy of Petscii Robots or a Commander X16.

  • Youtube
  • The 8-Bit Guy Website

ABQ Retro Computers

Albuquerque's premier vintage computing club!

  • ABQ Retro Computers - Meetup Web Link

Action Retro

Weird operating systems running on weird old computers!

  • Youtube

Anachronistic Things

A few items from my collection, including a TRS-80 Model II that was purchased at the auction here last year.

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Apple Enthusiasm

An Apple II, a couple of Power Macs, a Mac Pro, and maybe a Mac LC457.

Brad Geels MSX and Other 8-bit Computers

MSX Computers: Sony HB-101

MSX2 Computers: Sony HB-F1 x2, Panasonic FS-A1 x2, Panasonic FS-A1F

MSX2+ Computers: Yamaha YIS604/128 conversion

MSX disk drives: Sony HBD-F1 720k, Fractal 720K

MSX cartridges, joypads, joysticks

Atari 8-bit Computers: Atari 800, Atari 1200XL, Atari 800XL

Atari disk drives: Atari 1050 x3

Commodore 64 with SD2IEC and Fastload

Commodore C16

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A with 32K and FinalGROM99

Texas Instruments Professional computer with keyboard and monitor (working)

ChrisKewl's Crazy Contraptions


Various computers and handheld devices from the early 1980s to the 2000s. Manufacturers include Apple, Atari, Commodore, Dell, Franklin, IBM, Palm, and others.


Just a couple of examples of systems we're working on (likely an SGI Indigo and a couple of other systems)

Commander X16 Mania

All things Commander X16 related. See case styles, capabilities, see the Otter16, and X16 peripherals.

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Commodore 64 Cartridges and Hardware

Commodore REU Clone, Super Snapshot V5 Clone, and other C64 hardware

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Come get your picture taken! We will be taking portraits with an Apple QuickTake 150 (1995) and printing them on an Apple ImageWriter II dot matrix printer (1985). The display will also feature a Macintosh 128k (1984) and WiFi-enabled Apple PowerBook 145b (1993).

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Dalforth Microscience

Computers and parts for sale

DEC Computing

A display of various vintage DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) computers from PDP to VAX.

Dell Turns 40.jpg

Dell Turns 40

Celebrating 40 Years of Dell Computers with multiple devices: From an everyday Inspiron laptop to a monstrous PowerEdge server. Innovation will be an emphasis, showcasing Dell's most innovative product and including devices you didn't know Dell produced. And, Dude, you're getting commercials, along with a four-decade timeline of history.

DFW Amiga Meetup Group

The DFW Amiga Meetup Group will be displaying and demonstrating various Amiga computers, promoting our meetings at Dallas Makerspace on the second Saturday of the month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm and selling Amiga and other vintage computer hardware and software.

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DFW Computer Gamers

A computer setup w/ late 90s - 00s like what are played at the meetups. Some similar era computing hardware for sale.

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Edgar Digital

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VCF Logo.png

Exploring Vintage CGI (Wave Design)

Have you ever wondered what the behind-the-scenes
software looked like for your favorite 1990s movies and games? Wave
Design is an exploration of computers and art together, bringing early
CG software back into the spotlight with brand new renders. Come check
out live software demonstrations on Macintosh and Silicon Graphics

  • Instagram

Forgotten Machines

The rare, the obscure, the unknown, all about computers that truly are...Forgotten Machines! We investigate, reverse-engineer, and restore computers and systems that almost nobody else knows about. We also do data-recovery on the oldest of magnetic media to preserve old operating systems and software!

  • Youtube
Fruits Channel logo VCFSW 2024.png


We will be running part of the Fruitchannel public-access Unix system live from VCFSW as well as bringing a selection of vintage computer music equipment for exhibition. Fruitchannel is a part of Fruithouse, a hardware hacking and restoration space for tortured old hardware. Fruithouse is just our regular house. Fruitchannel lives in the guest room and is very, very loud.

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FujiNet is a WiFi Network Adapter for an increasing number of 8-bit systems providing not only a virtual disk and a virtual printer, but also a network device that can speak a wide variety of protocols (e.g. TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP/S, SSH, SMB, NFS, TNFS, and more), and parsing document formats such as XML and JSON, allowing our little 8-bits to actually use the Internet!

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Gettin' Rid of Stuff

Selling items from Personal Collection

BASIC... past, present and future!

  • GotBasic Web Link


Hard-N-Retro is my Ko-Fi page where I am the restorer of vintage computers and purveyor of retro electronics. I am currently focused on early Apple computers and will be showing off a number of rare(r) models

  • Hard-N-Retro Ko-Fi Link

HP Pen Plotters

The most entertaining way to transfer information to paper: the forgotten Pen Plotters. 1000 dpi resolution - as long as you only need to only print lines.
Get your portrait drawn by an 80's HP Pen Plotter.

IBM Museum

  • Youtube

IBM PC Exhibit

Display of IBM equipment from the 5150 to the 486 era. Mostly a combination of the XTs, ATs, and Personal System/2 computers, along with a few other odds and ends!

IBM RT PC (and other IBM randomness)

My exhibit will feature a functional IBM RT PC - a RISC workstation from 1986. Whatever else is in the exhibit entirely depends on what is working that particular week, but it'll likely include a pen plotter and a demonstration of an IBM Professional Graphics Controller.

Lost Wonders

All types of computer and computer game items from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Something for everyone!


Macintosh Librarian

Macintosh Librarian - Retro macintosh and apple goodness! Join Kate Fox and Maccy at the booth!

  • linktree
  • Youtube

Mark Matthews

Selling vintage computer and logic analyzers

Matt Kisha

Displaying IBM PC hardware, some other retro favorites and selling some vintage equipment


The first-ever International MiniDisc Convention!

We are a passionate community of MiniDisc enthusiasts from around the world, gathering both physically and in spirt to showcase the once-revolutionary portable audio format. Explore a diverse array of MiniDisc equipment and experience live demonstrations of this groundbreaking technology! With 500 square feet dedicated to MiniDisc examples, there's plenty to see and discover. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of MiniDisc innovation!


Modern Dev For Retro Hardware

Demonstrating a side scrolling game on TI/994a, C64, and Atari 8 bit computers along with details of the tooling used to build the game, some hardware notes, and some comparisons of the overall development process.


Modern Usability Enhancements for Tandy Color Computers

I have designed a USB keyboard and Atari joystick adapter for the TRS-80 MC-10 ( and a VGA adapter for the Color Computer 1 and 2 ( which also provides other enhancements including a reconfigurable palette and character set, 16-color graphics, and 64-column text and semigraphics.  I'll likely also be demonstrating other Tandy/Radio Shack-related equipment.

  • PiKey
  • CoCoVGA

My Old Computer Stuff

I’ll be selling my old computer stuff. From 8 bit to some mid 2000 computer parts along with some old audio equipment from the 1979’s. Ex: silver face (aluminum) audio components

Nagano's Junk

Japanese desktops for display as well as many assorted things I'd like someone else to take home. FM Towns towers, Sharp MZ-700, NEC PC-8801 mc, and more.


1. Modern day upgrades of the Model 3,4,4D,4P power supplies

2. Replacement CASE and RAM badges for the Model 3,4 computers

3. Drive sleds for Gotek and Frehd devices as well as BLANK sled

4. Custom designed cable management

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NeXTSTEP: The Original MacOSX

Working NeXT cube and Color Turbo Slab machines, original NeXT docs, books and ads/reviews. History of NeXT Computer, Inc.

Old World Computing Presents - It Comes in Colors!

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T he said, "You can have it in any color as long as it's black." The computer industry through the 90s was the same, you can have it in any color as long as it’s beige or sometimes black. Apple bucked the trend in 1998 introducing the iMac with its translucent Bondi blue case and in total released the iMac in 13 unique colors (18 if you count the two variations of the “5 Flavors” models.)

This booth will showcase all 18 colors and variations of the iMac. Some on display and a few to interact with.

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OS-9 and the Foenix F256 Jr.

The Foenix F256 Jr. is a new retro computing platform for 6502 and 6809 enthusiasts. This exhibit features the F256 Jr. running OS-9 on the 6809.

Panhandle Surplus


Panhandle Surplus LLC specializes in the sale of hard-to-find technology, test equipment, electronics and more. We also enjoy collecting and restoring vintage personal computers.

  • Panhandle Surplus Website
  • eBay Store

Personal Collection of Vince Briel Liquidation 

After 25 years of collecting I have decided to part ways with my collection. Here you will find a few rare and some common computers like an Altair 8800 with North Star Disk system, KIM-1, Commodore PET 2001 with original box, original Apple II, TRS-80 Model 1 and much more. Come see what I have and make an offer.

Petar's Place Logo Fixed Squared.jpg

Petar's Place

Various Projects from my lifetime collection and YT channel of Macintosh and Apple II and IIgs goodness.  Avid and Digidesign 1990 era working edit suite.  Apple IIgs Dealer setup from 1986.

  • Youtube

Pete and Bryan’s Retro Misadventure

A few computers running and some low priced vintage goodies

Retro Computer Collection Reduction

Time to say goodbye to most of my collection. I will have my Altair 8800 with Northstar & CP/M, along with other rare collectables. Other machines include Commodore PET 2001, Apple II, TRS-80 and more. Come see my collection and see them running or maybe make an offer.

Retro Computer Video Formats

A booth proving a look at various weird vintage video formats running on real hardware. Also will include a mechanical TV display.

The Retrodesk

I haven’t fully finished planning yet, but I intend to show off whatever weirdness I’ve managed to get up to this year.

Retro Hardware Liquidation Sale

We have a nearby warehouse chocked full of legacy, retro servers, server cabinets, PC's, network switches, accessories, PDU's, VOIP phone systems, and so much more. Daily tours provided. All must go soon, with a percentage of proceeds donated back to VCF Southwest. Local delivery options may also be available

Retro Universe

Sales of vintage equipment


Sad Mac

Vintage Macintosh computer/parts and other retro computers with some vintage gaming intertwined.

  • Instagram
  • eBay Store

The SCELBI-8B and SCELBI Computer Consulting

Come learn about one of the early pioneers in home computing, SCELBI Computer Consulting! On display is a reproduction of their final Intel 8008 based computer, the SCELBI-8B.

SneakyNet Telecommunications

Ever wondered how America got Online? Wondered what's at the other end of your modem or why tech support needs you to reboot things? The fine folks at SneakyNet are happy to show you how our live network serves real and fake endpoints around the show.

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Something Tandy

Bringing something Tandy related that I can fly in with.

Tandy Assembly

These booths are to introduce people to the Tandy Assembly events.  There will be pictures and descriptions of previous Tandy Assembly shows.

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Retro-style homebrew computers

  • GitHub

Technomancer Technologies

Selling various vintage computer electronics and software

Monty McGraw.png

Tektronix 4054A - Vector Graphics Desktop Computer

Introduced in 1979 with an integrated 19-inch storage tube CRT and 4096x3125 vector graphics resolution, 16-bit bit-slice CPU, 64KB ROM BASIC and 64KB RAM, Option 31 Dynamic Graphics Coprocessor and Option 30 Color Dynamic Graphics CRT! I will be demonstrating GAMES like Asteroids, Star Wars "Tie Fighter Attack", Battlestar Galactica "Cylon Attack", Vector and Bitmap PICTURES, and MUSIC

  • Youtube

UNIX computers under the Sun

A variety of Sun workstations including a 2/120, 3/60, 3/80, 4/110, SPARCstation 2, IPX, 5, 20 quad processor, Ultra 2, and Ultra 5

  • eBay-Emblem

Usagi Electric

The current goal is to come with the Centurion and a PDP-11 this year. I'm not entirely sure what all will be running in time for the event, but that's the hope!

  • Youtube


Vicenary crop.png

Victor - An FPGA Replacement for the VIC-20’s 6560/6561 Video Interface Chip

Heart of Fire - At the Bleeding Edge of Retro Technology

  • Youtube

Vintage Computer Federation

Sharing info on what the vintage computer federation is all about. Maybe even a retro computer to show off!

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Vintage Computer History

A look into the development of the "appliance computer" throughout the 1970s. Learn about some systems you may not have heard of, and how computers went from $100,000 to under $1,000 in the span of a decade.

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William Tooker & Alex Anderson-McLeod

Will and Alex are primarily dedicated to preserving and reverse-engineering the Apple Lisa and its accoutrements, but will be featuring a number of other Apple and non-Apple machines.

  • Will's GitHub
  • Alex's GitHub
YORE Computer Store.png

Ye Olde Retro Electronic Computer Store

Step back in time and explore our collection of retro computers, software, and collectibles from yesteryear. Or look for the latest gadgets and solutions for your retro tech.

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