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The questions we've been asked about the show broken into two parts, for attendees and exhibitors.

If you don't see the answer to your question here, click the button below to ask us.


What are the hours of the show?

The exhibit hall hours are as follows:

Friday: 2PM - 8:30PM

Saturday: 9AM - 8:30PM

Sunday: 9AM - 3PM

Where do I park?

Complimentary parking for the event will be in the garage adjacent to the venue (PS1) on levels 2 and above.

Large vehicles and trailers may park in Lot D or C.

Parking Map.png

Are outside food and drinks allowed?

We ask you to not consume food and beverages inside the venue. It is discouraged in order to protect the precious and valuable vintage equipment on display. The venue has a drink vendor located near the elevator, and food vendors located along Franklyn Jenifer Drive or at the UTD Student Union building. Outdoor seating areas are available surrounding the venue for rest and relaxation while you enjoy your meal.

Will there be a consignment and/or free area?

We will not have a consignment area however you are welcome to sell from an exhibitor table. Anybody selling from their table keeps 100% of the proceeds.

There will be a free/swap table area located in the JSOM building where you can bring items to give away or find new treasures to take home.

Can I store my purchases on-site?

We are offering a limited “Tech Valet” storage area for attendees who have purchased equipment and need a place to store it for a short time. Bring your equipment to the attendant and they will give you a storage ticket to use to retrieve the equipment later when you’re ready to remove it from the premises. If you have impaired mobility or need assistance moving equipment, please ask one of our staff for assistance.

Will videos of the presentations be available online after the show?

Yes, seminars are recorded and will be posted online shortly after the conclusion of the show on our YouTube page.


What is the load-in / load-out schedule?

Load-in will start at 8AM on Friday. The show floor opens to the public at 2PM.

The show closes at 3PM Sunday and you have until 8:30PM to load-out.

Where do I load-in / load-out?

Signage for the loading zone is located at the sidewalk behind the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center on Drive F. Follow signs along Franklyn Jenifer Drive (Drive A) and turn north onto Drive F.


Staff will assist with loading and unloading and moving your equipment using carts. When complete, turn around at the end of Drive F and proceed back to Franklyn Jenifer Drive (Drive A).

NOTHING should be loaded in or out through the front doors. We don't want to risk damaging the wood finish.


Can I sell items from my table?

Yes! You are welcome to sell from your table. For safety we encourage you to use cashless payment methods if possible. Also provide receipt to your buyers.

Will the venue be secured overnight?

Yes, the venue will be locked after the show hours and security officers will be on-site. While we will do everything we can to secure the venue we will not be liable for theft/damages.

What are the rules/standards for table design and signage

The #1 rule is NOTHING can be touching the walls. No tape, sticky tack, not even leaning on the walls. The venue has a very nice wood wall and we (and the offender) will be responsible if it gets damaged.

Other than that your table is your table, we're fairly open on signage and what you want to display as long as you aren't encroaching on someone else's space.

Where is my table?

We have an interactive show floor map you can view here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information displayed on the map or about your table please reach out to us using the Contact form.

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